New XRoar 1.0.2 and MAME 0.238 packages are now available for CoCo-Pi

A real treat today – new releases of XRoar-1.0.2 and MAME-0.238! I have not had a chance to look to see what might be new in either of them, but we certainly appreciate all the hard work Ciaran has done on XRoar and Tim Lindner and Nigel Barnes do maintaining the CoCo, MC-10 and Dragon […]

Rick Adams’ DECB preprocessor now available in CoCo-Pi

Just added Rick Adams’ DECB preprocessor to CoCo-Pi. You can find out more about this project here: … and here: Thanks, Rick! When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi fix script” in order for all the changes to be applied. You can find […]

MC-10 updates and more!

I’ve been playing around with the MC-10 a bit more lately due to a few things. First, XRoar has MC-10 support now and it’s been fun to test. Secondly, I’ve had an interest in Greg Dionne’s mcbasic compiler and his tasm6801 assembler projects. I’ve learned much about the compiler in the last couple of days, […]

Latest updates for CoCo-Pi (2021/11/16)

A few new CoCo-Pi updates. Pere Serrat has been busy releasing new software for the 6×09 SuperSprite FM+ board. This board is fully emulated in MAME and now there is a new CoCo 2 based attract mode in addition to the previously released Dragon 64 attract mode that showcases this board and software. More information […]

Bag full of updates for CoCo-Pi (2021/11/09)

Just completed a backlog of updates I’ve been wanting to do. Some of these include: Ciaran is still busy as ever. 3 new updates to XRoar (latest being XRoar-snap-0.37.2105), changelog here: The newer versions of XRoar required some minor script changes, so please make sure you are on the latest version of XRoar or some […]

A new XRoar WIP package is available (0.37.1809)

The updates keep on coming – this time from Ciaran. The latest version of XRoar WIP (0.37.1809) is ready. Perform an “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” on the Administration (Utilities) Menu and then install this latest package. Minor fixes in this version. For those interested in downloading these WIP builds from Ciaran, you can find […]

New CoCo Gallery Image Disks available from Ron Delvaux

Make sure to select “Update Ron Delvaux’s Picture Gallery” from the Downloads Menu in CoCo-Pi. Ron continues to create new Image Disks and shares them in his very own “Ron’s Garage” Facebook group:

New MAME 0.237-1 (official) package available as well as other updates

Big update day, today. The latest version of MAME is now available (0.237) as well as a new ‘Clone Systems Menu.’ Some of these new system clones are experimental and may not be fully featured or even work at all. I’ll continue to provide updates for them (if/when they are available). When updating your CoCo-Pi, […]

New MC-10 preliminary integration support using geany editor/IDE

Hot on the heels of the Toolshed cecb update is preliminary support for the MC-10 using geany. You can now create/edit BASIC programs in geany and have it automatically create a .WAV file, launch MAME and use the cassette controls to CLOAD it. Here are some screenshots of it in action: I’ll be adding this […]

Added updated version of ‘cecb’ utility

A new version of the ‘cecb’ utility from the Toolshed project has been added. This version provides support for the MC-10. Thank you, Tim Lindner, for this update! More information about the update can be found here: When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi […]

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