New QB64 package is now available

For those developers who like to use BASIC, a new QB64 package is now available for installation (2.0 development). Here’s the changelog for 2.0: … and here’s a short video about this new version: The existing QB64 1.5 will remain installed and either version can be used. QB64 1.5 can be removed at […]

New CoCo-Pi case for RPi400

There’s a brand new 3D printed case (from John Strong) for CoCo-Pi users that have a RPi400. He’s posted pics and more information about it on Facebook. Please contact John directly (via Messenger) for ordering information.

New Dragon 64 attract mode demo mode with SuperSprite FM+ board support!

A new “Dragon 64 Attract Mode” option has been added to the CoCo-Pi which showcases John Whitworth’s 6×09 SuperSprite FM+ add-on board for the Dragon and CoCo computers. You can find out more about the board from John’s site: Thanks to Nigel Barnes for adding support to MAME for this device (as of MAME […]

New MAME 0.236-1 (official) package available

It’s a great day for emulator updates for the CoCo-Pi. First, a new XRoar and now the latest MAME 0.236. Perform an “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” on the Administration (Utilities) Menu and then install the latest MAME package (from the same menu). Select mame-0.236-1 as the default version and enjoy!

A new XRoar WIP package is available (0.37.1111)

Perform an “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” on the Administration (Utilities) Menu and then install this latest package. Minor fixes in this version. For those interested in downloading these WIP builds from Ciaran, you can find them here:

CoCo-Pi & VGM Playing

While not necessarily CoCo specific, CoCo-Pi includes a couple of different Video Game Music Players (VGM). There is a command line one called VGMPlay and a GUI based called Qmmp. You will find some sample VGM files in the /media/share1/vgm folder. If you get a chance, try it out!

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