How to install and run NitrOS9 EOU with an RTC

A new video has been posted and added to the “Videos” page of this site showing how to download, install and run the latest NitrOS9 EOU (Ease of Use) edition, including setting it to default to RGB, 80 columns, and use a hardware emulated real-time clock (RTC). You’ll want to go to the Utilities and […]

PyDriveWire tutorial video added

A short video, covering the “basics” of using Michael Furmans’ PyDriveWire running on the CoCo-Pi will cover how to insert a disk into a DriveWire drive, how to boot up a CoCo using HDB DOS, making sure the Becker Port is turned “ON” and then loading software and swapping disks.

How to tweak MAME UI/Key mappings

A new video has just been posted to YouTube and is in the play list on the “Videos” page her on the site covering how to tweak the MAME UI to re-map the “PAUSE” key making it not P, and how to custom map a few CoCo-Specific keys within the emulator such as the “Break”, […]

CoCo-Pi desktop images

Tired of the same old background on your CoCo-Pi? Wish you had more options? Wish there was one that fit a wide-screen monitor? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then we have a small treat for you! A variety of CoCo-Pi desktop images are now available for you to use on […]

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