New updates for mcbasic and tasm6801 now available for CoCo-Pi

Greg Dionne just pushed new versions of mcbasic and tasm6801 (used to compile BASIC programs for the MC-10). You can find more information about these at: Thanks, Greg! When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi fix script” in order for all the changes to […]

New update for ugBasic now available for CoCo-Pi

I just pulled the latest source from Marco Spedaletti’s github repo for ugBasic, compiled it an packaged it up. As before, Marco has been very busy with the updates. You can see them in the commit history on his github project page: Main project page is located here: Facebook group is located here: […]

New update for CMOC 0.1.85 now available for CoCo-Pi

Release notes for 0.1.85: Function-local function prototypes are now supported. A K&R prototype for a function that specifies no return type is now allowed, but only at the top level, not inside a function. The return type is assumed to be int. Example: f(); int main() { return f(); } Calling an undeclared function does […]

Multiple updates to CoCo-Pi

I’ve been adding updates to the CoCo-Pi project over the last few weeks, but have not updating with a corresponding news item about it. Here we go… Updated ugBasic to latest version from git on August 7th. New XRoar SNAP v1.4.1527 has been added on August 8th. Updated CMOC to latest version (0.1.84) on August […]

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