CoCo-Pi Project Update (2023-07-24)

As some of you know, there has not been an update for MAME on CoCo-Pi since version 0.254. This is because it no longer compiles successfully on 32bit systems (buster based) for the Raspberry Pi. It fails with something in the 7zip libraries and no mount of tinkering has helped. I’m not the only one […]

New update for ugBasic now available for CoCo-Pi

I just pulled the latest source from Marco Spedaletti’s github repo for ugBasic, compiled it an packaged it up. There are just too many updates to document, but here are some links for the project: Main project page is located here: Facebook group is located here: Discord channel (CoCo Discord server) is located […]

New XRoar 1.4.1139 WIP (SNAP) package available for CoCo-Pi

A new version of XRoar SNAP has been released by Ciaran with the following updates: As always, thank you Ciaran for your continued improvements of this excellent emulator! When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi fix script” in order for all the changes to be […]

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