New MAME 0.252 package available for CoCo-Pi

The latest version of MAME is ready for your CoCo-Pi. There was a bit of delay in this release due to the number of changes. Not much for our CoCo or related systems this month: That being said, there are still many general improvements to MAME itself, so it is an important release. When updating […]

New XRoar-1.3.1 package available for CoCo-Pi

Ciaran released a new version of XRoar and it contains the following updates: Version 1.3.1, Tue 14 Feb 2023 Fixes in version 1.3.1Further GIME VSC tweaksAllow preemption of Control key (for CoCo 3)Fix GTK+ zoom in/outWork around build issues on Apple Silicon [Allen Huffman, Blair Leduc]Also resolves a local build issue where the Windows packages […]

New ugBasic compiler and supporting components available for CoCo-Pi

Marco Spedaletti’s ugBasic compiler now supports a “coco” target, along with already existing Dragon 32, Dragon 64 & Dragon 200-E targets.Initial support for integration has been added to the geany editor (CoCo only) but will be adding Dragon support soon. Command line support of the compiler is available as well: ugbc.cocougbc.d32ugbc.d64 More information about Marco’s […]

New pyDriveWire v0.6 version available for CoCo-Pi

Michael Furman has released an updated version of his excellent pyDriveWire application. Lot’s of nice updates in this version. You can find his project hosted here: … and a recent video discussing some of the changes here: When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi […]

New CMOC-0.1.81 package available for CoCo-Pi

New CMOC-0.1.81 package available for CoCo-Pi Pierre Sarrazin released an update to his CMOC C like compiler for the CoCo. Release notes for 0.1.81: Fixed compilation problems when building CMOC on Cygwin.Fixed bugs in memcmp(), memicmp(), strcmp(), stricmp() for OS-9.Added sqrt32() to CMOC’s standard library.Optimizations and minor fixes. I must have missed 0.1.80, so here’s […]

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