New XRoar-snap-1.2.719 WIP package available for CoCo-Pi

A nice surpise to see a new version of XRoar available! Package is now available for the CoCo-Pi. When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git repo” and “Run CoCo-Pi fix script” in order for all the changes to be applied. Install the latest XRoar package (from the same menu). […]

New MAME 0.250 package available for CoCo-Pi

The latest version of MAME is ready for your CoCo-Pi and what a milestone it is! 0.250! Tim Lindner has been busy and there are many updates from him for this release: Elanco AgVision [Tim Lindner]Tandy Radio Shack Videotex [Tim Lindner] -Add FDC Write Protect Delay (#10538) [tim lindner]-wd_fdc: adjust wp detection delay to better […]

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