New XRoar-1.1 package available for CoCo-Pi

Out of nowhere, Ciaran drops XRoar-1.1 on us! Looks like there are quite a few updates based on the latest ChangeLog: Version 1.1, Thu 21 Jul 2022 New GDB monitor commands [by Tormod Volden]New configure options to only build specific machine archsSupport 1M or 2M in CoCo 3 [with Christopher Hawks]Support K7 cassette image files […]

New MAME 0.245 package available for CoCo-Pi

Not sure how I missed posting the latest update for last month, but here is MAME 0.245. No new updates for the CoCo, Dragon or MC-10 drivers in MAME that I could find for this release. Either way, it’s new and available. When updating your CoCo-Pi, please make sure to select “Update CoCo-Pi from git […]

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