New rclone package for CoCo-Pi

I’ve added the rclone package to CoCo-Pi for use with Cloud drive based services. It’s something that used to be part of the older CoCo-Pi distributions, but it seemed like it wasn’t used (or perhaps people did not even know it was there) so I did not add it to this lastest release of CoCo-Pi. […]

New QB64 package is now available

For those developers who like to use BASIC, a new QB64 package is now available for installation (2.0 development). Here’s the changelog for 2.0: … and here’s a short video about this new version: The existing QB64 1.5 will remain installed and either version can be used. QB64 1.5 can be removed at […]

New CoCo-Pi case for RPi400

There’s a brand new 3D printed case (from John Strong) for CoCo-Pi users that have a RPi400. He’s posted pics and more information about it on Facebook. Please contact John directly (via Messenger) for ordering information.

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