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It’s here, the official web site for the CoCo-Pi projects. I have been aware of the CoCoPi3 project since probably 2017 and had one set up that was essentially collecting dust. It seemed “neat” that we could do all this in a tiny little box, but it didn’t seem worth the trouble to run a separate device for emulation since I already had that running on my PC.

Enter: COVID-19, I’m spending a lot more time at home, and too much time on the couch playing with my Xbox, and I had the insane notion of trying to get a Game Console like experience for playing CoCo games.

I decided to dust off my Raspberry Pi3 system, which was still running the 2018 Tandy Assembly image, and everything ran fine.

I recorded a YouTube video showing how I set up all kinds of custom game pad mappings to make navigating the CoCo in MAME very easy to do with the joy pad.

In the process of doing all of this, I had a lot of questions, and leaned on Ron Klein quite a bit to get up to speed on the project, and during that time, I not only updated to the current 2019 image, but also got sneak peeks as the 2020 image for both the Pi3 and Pi4. Needless to say, I became a big fan of everything this system can do.

I currently have my original Pi3 set up in my living room on a 60″ HD TV that I plan to continue to use for “just fun and games”

I now also have a Pi4 set up in my office that will be my live PyDriveWire server for real CoCos and Emcee server for real MC-10s and a development environment I plan to use as I learn assembly.

As I got more involved with Ron Klein, and became aware that a Pi4 image will be available soon, the original “CoCoPi3” name seemed dated, and I thought a non-specific name would better suit the current status of supporting Pi3&4 devices and beyond.

I reached out to Chris Hawks who started the original project in 2012 and coined the phrase “CoCoPi” and got his blessing to use the name for the official project that’s available to the public.

I’m very grateful to Chris Hawks for having his notion to try CoCo emulation on a Pi and for Ron Klein for taking the project into insane places.

I’m now a fan of this project and this system, I’ve only just scratched the surface of learning what to do with it, and this web site will hopefully help others along the way experience what is probably one of the coolest CoCo projects ever.

Thank you in advance for checking this out,

Steve Strowbridge

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